Velia Sierra Design - On Press

Velia Sierra Design - On Press

British Vogue & Tatler

Velia Sierra Design proudly represents Mexican fashion now in Great Britain. With this, we undoubtedly take a fundamental step on our path to enter the European fashion market.

The British edition of Vogue included our brand in the Retail section for the numbers of June, July and August 2019. Additionally,Tatler Magazine also invited his readers to meet us in its June edition of this year.

Vogue, June 2019

Part of our enthusiasm for these mentions has to do with publicizing the cultural wealth, quality and design that Mexico offers to the world, while at the same time strengthening cultural and business ties with our European clients, since both magazines represent two of the main platforms for contemporary and traditional fashion in the world.

Tatler Magazine, junio de 2019

In all the publications they underlined the purity of our 100% organic linen and the artisan technique we use to create sustainable, unique and timeless designs.

Vogue, julio de 2019

The magazines emphasized on the great quality of our collection the Mediterranean inspiration of our designs and the artisanal techniques we use to create elegant and sustainable outfits.

Vogue, septiembre de 2019

The September edition, the most important in the year for Condé Nast and Vogue Magazine (and in general for the fashion world), she had as guest editor Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex). The edition titled “Forces of Change” celebrates the participation of women to make a positive change in society and included fifteen celebrities from around the world, including Salma Hayek, Laverne Cox and Jane Fonda.

Our essence according to Vogue and Tatler Magazine? Freedom and comfort in every look, silhouettes that are oversized and neutral colors to wear them year-round.

Atemporal basics to create easy and harmonious looks.

Our styles

These were some of the styles featuredin the printed and digital publications.

Libertad Pants (natural)

Montserrat Cape (natural)

Merida Kaftan (blanco, negro)

Nico Jacket (blanco)

Javier Pants (natural)



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