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Tipos de pantalones y su historia

Types of Pants and Their History

Pants are comfortable, practical and we use them everyday in most of our activities. But do you know how they came to be? Discover here the history behind multiple styles and our interpretations in 100% organic linen.

Velia Sierra Design's Warm Winter Picks

Velia Sierra Design's Warm Winter Picks

Conozca nuestras propuestas para invierno en lino orgánico con las que podrá añadir capas a sus looks y protegerse del frío de forma cómoda, sostenible y chic.
Velia Sierra Design abre sus puertas en Tulum

Velia Sierra Design opens in Tulum

Velia Sierra Design aims for the Mexican southeast for its sixth boutique within the next luxury development Xalet Xateau Tulum.

Velia Sierra Design en New York Fashion Week

Velia Sierra Design at New York Fashion Week

Velia Sierra Design presents "The Hamptons: High Seas Allure with an American Flair" collection during New York Fashion Week 2022   Within the framework of New York Fashion Week, Velia... Read More
Cómo accesorizar diferentes escotes

How to accessorize different necklines

Guide To Accessorize Based on Necklines Many of us spend hours, if not days, choosing the perfect outfit for a special occasion. We try all kinds of cuts, styles and... Read More
5 razones para considerar el lino en su decoración de mesa

5 Reasons To Consider Linen For Your Table Decor

Sustainable, hygienic and cosmetic: linen has many benefits to offer, not only by wearing it, but also by taking advantage of its use to decorate the spaces of our home.

¿Se puede meter el lino a la secadora?

Can linen be placed in the dryer?

The washing of linen garments has been a dilemma that for decades has made its wearers question what is the best conservation method. Here you will find what factors to consider and what practices are best based on the care instructions listed.

Guía de Regalos para Mamá 2022

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Affectionate, devoted and patient: these are some of the adjectives that best describe mom's love. May 10th is the perfect occasion to demonstrate with unique and significant details how much... Read More
Velia Sierra Design en Riviera Nayarit Fashion Weekend

Velia Sierra Design en Riviera Nayarit Fashion Weekend

Velia Sierra Design presents its Cruise Capsule Collection at Riviera Nayarit Fashion Weekend 2021 On September 10th of this year, Velia Sierra Design participated for the first time in Riviera Nayarit... Read More
5 regalos clave para mamá

5 Key Gifts for Mother's Day

May 10th is a special date in Mexico since it symbolizes the love, appreciation and honor towards motherly figures who have played such an important role in our lives. It... Read More