Our Story



Velia Sierra Design started as a local fashion project in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1982. Velia Sierra, designer and creative director, began her journey in this area with one idea in mind: to create beautiful, modern and functional linen garments for unique women.


Being a pioneer in organic fashion design, after 36 years of work the brand has positioned itself in the national and international market as a benchmark in the linen products sector.



We are a leading brand of linen products, backed by the values of lifestyle, excellence, nature and freedom. Our designs are created from a modern and versatile vision that reinvents current luxury based on creativity, respect for the environment and casual elegance.


We define ourselves by a totally authentic and free-spirited attitude.



All our products are characterized by their 100% Mexican and artisan essence. We celebrate our identity through sophisticated designs that satisfy the most exquisite and diverse tastes. With oversized silhouettes, elegant basics and timeless style, Velia Sierra Design spreads the best of Mexican talent in the fashion world.

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