Linen... for free spirits

Linen has a long history among its threads. Considered the oldest fabric in the world (7000 B.C.), it was first used as a textile in Turkey. Its great durability, resistance and freshness led it to travel Egypt in the form of canvases to load the china destined for the pyramids; to sail the Mediterranean Sea like sails of Greek and African ships; to contemplate the Roman power covering the beds of the upper classes; to form part of the European textile workshops of the 18th century; and finally, to dress the world with fresh, natural, comfortable and elegant fabrics.

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100% eco-friendly fiber

From flaxseed (Linum Usitatissimum), linen is a biodegradable y material that is environmentally friendly as it is one of the few 100% organic fibers that rejects pesticides and fertilizers.

Its virtues go beyond its pleasant touch, comfort and unmatched style ... Linen is a highly breathable, soft fiber and a natural insulator that maintains body temperature.

Its balanced pH helps to soften the skin and protects it from external agents found in the environment. In addition, it is known as the strongest natural fiber in the world (35% more than cotton) and its properties make it a superior and very durable fabric.

Like all beautiful things, the appearance of linen improves over time: it becomes more flexible, gains elegance and achieves a manageable drop.


Detail to detail

At Velia Sierra Design we carefully take care of the entire production cycle; we create our own textures and intervene in the sewing, prewash and handcrafting processes.

We put our products through strict quality control and rigorous testing to prevent shrinkage, wear and discoloration, allowing us to ensure unique, exclusive and high-class collections.

We combine Italian raw materials with Mexican hands. Our textiles are exclusively developed for our brand. In addition, we respect the natural imperfections of flax to obtain all the richness of its fibers. The frayed and hand-embroidered, the textures and the corrugated, provide the perfect dose to achieve contemporary and distinguished style.



Our clothing is the result of an investigation that begun 36 years ago. Here, the ideas of Velia Sierra and a creative staff, experts in design, textiles, processes, dyeing, imports and exports come to life.