5 razones para considerar el lino en su decoración de mesa

5 Reasons To Consider Linen For Your Table Decor

Why a linen table makes a difference

Sustainable, hygienic and cosmetic: linen has many benefits to offer, not only by wearing it, but also by taking advantage of its use to decorate the spaces of our home. Dinners and reunions are perfect settings to express our appreciation for our loved ones, and what better way to do it than by paying attention to the smallest detail with elements made with this noble and unique fiber. Here we tell you why linen is the ideal fabric to pamper your guests and design unforgettable experiences.


Your guests eat through their eyes first

Subconsciously, when people see food presented in a more appealing and aesthetic way, they are more likely to think that it tastes better. In addition, decorating your table with tablecloths, table runners and napkins from our Lifestyle Collection creates an atmosphere of exclusivity, as linen has been associated with wealth and luxury for centuries. If you are hosting cookouts or dinners, organic linen is perfect for keeping bugs away from your diners as it contains inherent insecticidal properties.

Linen is spill and accident proof

Spills on bare tables spread faster, while paper tablecloths go bad in seconds, and while synthetic fabrics can soak up liquids just fine, they can take a long time to dry up. Linen fabric has an incredible absorbency, being able to retain up to 20% of its weight in moisture, which is faster than that of silk, nylon or vinyl, materials commonly used for tablecloths. Also, water spills can even strengthen the fibers in your tablecloths and napkins! And consequently, this can make your linen table sets last longer.

Safer and More Sanitary Dining

Organic linen inhibits bacterial growth by 30 to 50 percent, so opting for linen will keep your table cleaner and safer at any event. Since linen does not provide an environment for bacteria to grow, it is also known to reduce bad odors. If you want to sterilize your napkins and tablecloths to ensure greater hygiene, linen can withstand washing in very hot water for up to 10 minutes.

A greener home

Being 100% biodegradable, yet a highly durable fiber with proper care, your organic linen napkins, tablecloths and table runners will be around as you create memories with your loved ones for years or even decades. Another important factor why it is advisable to consider table linens for regular use is the reduction in paper consumption, since the daily use of disposable napkins can be replaced by washable linen napkins that can look good for both casual and formal events.

Linen adds beauty to your home and to you

One of the outstanding benefits of linen is the fact that it is a totally hypoallergenic fiber, which allows it to be worn or used by anyone, without affecting any skin condition. It is soft to the touch, and the best thing is that with time and washing, it will soften even more! It is worth mentioning that linen is less toxic when in contact with the skin than petroleum-based fabrics, since it does not contain chemicals that are commonly found in household products made from this type of fabric. 

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