Cómo accesorizar diferentes escotes

How to accessorize different necklines

Guide To Accessorize Based on Necklines

Many of us spend hours, if not days, choosing the perfect outfit for a special occasion. We try all kinds of cuts, styles and silhouettes, and we don't rest until we find the perfect outfit that meets all our needs. Once that's been chosen, our focus shifts to the accessories, further elevating the look we've created. In this short guide, you will find tips to accessorize according to the necklines of your outfits, in order to get the most out of them, and obtain a flattering "look" that will make you stand out at any event.

"V" Neckline

The "V" neckline is one of the most classic and easiest necklines to style. To achieve a look that flatters your neck and makes it look even more aesthetic, we suggest long necklaces that follow the shape of the neckline. We recommend avoiding short or round necklaces at all costs, as they can visually appear create a shorter neck. To give it a unique and special touch, you can complete your look with a pair of geometric earrings like our Hoja Earring, which simulate a rhombus that resembles the "V" neck of your chosen garment.

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Round Neckline

The round neckline may seem boring and unsophisticated, but it can be very versatile when complemented with the right accessories. It is suggested to wear round necklaces, as in the case of garments with a "V" neckline, that are similar to the neckline and these can be short or long. If you don't wish to wear a necklace, an excellent alternative can be circular earrings like our Flor Earring, which can give a high impact to your look.

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Halter Neckline

The halter neckline is of the favorites among our customers, whether in dresses or blouses, as it is very flattering by showing off the shoulders and suiting any body type. We do not recommend wearing necklaces as they can distract from the neckline and make the look seem messy. As a substitute, it can be complemented with "statement" earrings like our Orchid Earring, which feature two-tone combinations that add a fun touch to your outfits.

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Chimney Neckline 

The chimney neckline, similar to the boat neckline, is effortlessly elegant and requires few accessories to create an outfit that's hard to forget. Due to the focus that it gives to the neck, the accessories should be minimal and subtle, such as short necklaces and "chokers." To bring attention to the face, it is suggested to match it with accessories such as our Rain Earring, since they are striking on their own, but delicately balance the effect provided by pieces with this neckline.

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Strapless Neckline

The strapless neckline is often mentioned as the most comfortable, as it offers greater freedom of movement for its wearer. When wearing tops or dresses with this neckline, it is recommended to use short necklaces, either with unique or simpler designs, to keep the focus on the neck. To add a "chic" touch to your outfit, you can finish your look with small earrings like our Peony Earring, which will give a casual freshness to your outfit and are more practical to wear on a daily basis.

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