Privacy policy

Identity and Address of the Responsible.

The personal data provided by you will be used by ORIGEN LINO SA DE CV, with address located at Calle Colomos 2675, Colonia Providencia, CP44630, Guadalajara, Jalisco, with CIF 21050079628.

Personal data subjected to treatment.

ORIGEN LINO SA DE C.V., to fulfill the purposes indicated in this Notice, will process personal identification data, personal contact data and personal financial data. Likewise, we inform you that in order to fulfill the purposes described in this notice, no sensitive personal data will be collected or processed. Upon concluding with the contractual relationship and derived legal obligations, ORIGEN LINO S.A. DE C.V. will proceed to the destruction of your personal data in accordance with the applicable regulations.

ORIGEN LINO S.A. DE CV will use personal data for the following purposes:

  • Storage of personal data for the creation of a database in the ORIGEN LINO SA system DE CV
  • Enter into contracts for the commercialization of textiles and finished clothing products.
  • Execution and fulfillment of the purchase and sale of the products purchased.
  • Provision of generation, storage, certification and delivery of tax receipts, either physically or through digital fiscal receipts Through the internet, in accordance with the regulations and legislation established in the Federal Tax Code and other relative laws.
  • Provision of technical support services by telephone or electronic means.
  • Processing of personal data for collection activities related to the commercialization of textile products and finished clothing products.
  • Treatment of personal financial data in the event that an online purchase is made using the card. If you make a purchase of any of the products of ORIGEN LINO S.A. DE C.V., expressly authorizes us to process the required data necessary for activation and completion of the purchase. The CVV will not be stored or processed later by ORIGEN LINO S.A. DE CV, will only be used to make the desired purchase.
  • Create a record file for follow-up and promotion of future products.
  • Promotion and marketing of products according to your interests and needs.
  • Comply with legal obligations.
  • Treatment to carry out all the necessary activities to meet the requests that you make.


ORIGEN LINO SA DE CV, to fulfill the necessary purpose (s) previously described (s) or other those required by law or by the competent authorities, will not transfer your personal data to any third party, except in cases where the regulations or the authorities competent authorities so provide.

ARCO rights and/or revocation of consent

You, or your legal representative, may exercise any of the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition (hereinafter "ARCO rights"), as well as revoke your consent for the treatment of your personal data by sending an email to the Privacy Officer of ORIGEN LINO SA DE C.V. to the email address

We remind you that ARCO rights can only be exercised by the owner or his legal representative after proof of his identity, which is why the letter you send us must be accompanied by one of the following official identifications: IFE, Passport or immigration document that confirms the legal stay of the foreigner in the country.

Likewise, we inform you that for your request to proceed it is essential to complete all the information listed below, which will be used by ORIGEN LINO SA DE C.V. to prove your identity, as indicated in articles 32, 34 and 35 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties:

Owner data: full name and address or other means of communication to communicate the response to your request.

Representative information (only if applicable): full name.

* If you are the legal representative of the owner, the corresponding public instrument in original must be attached to your writing, or, where appropriate, a power of attorney signed before two witnesses.

ARCO Rights: Indicate the right (s) you wish to exercise: Access, Rectification, Cancellation and / or Opposition. Likewise, a clear description of the personal data with respect to which you seek to exercise the right (s) indicated above and / or any other comment that helps us better serve the exercise of your right must be made.

Other necessary documentation: Please provide the documentation that you consider supports your request and helps us process it efficiently. In particular, in the request for rectification of personal data indicate incorrect data, correct data and supporting document that supports the above.

In case the information provided in your writing is erroneous or insufficient, or the corresponding accreditation documents are not accompanied, the Responsible for Privacy of ORIGEN LINO SA DE C.V., within five (5) business days following receipt of your rights request letter, may require you to provide the elements or documents necessary to process it. You will have ten (10) business days to meet the request, counted from the day after you have received it. If no response is given within said period, the corresponding writing will be deemed not presented in accordance with what the regulations indicate.

The Privacy Officer of ORIGEN LINO S.A. DE CV will notify you of the determination adopted within a maximum period of twenty (20) business days from the date your writing was received, so that, if it is appropriate, make it effective within fifteen (15) days working hours after the response is communicated. The answer will be given by the same way in which you sent us your request.

Limitation and/or disclosure of your data.

You may limit the use and / or disclosure of your personal data by sending your rights request letter to the Privacy Officer of ORIGEN LINO SA DE C.V. to the following email address: The requirements to prove your identity, as well as the procedure to attend to your writing, will be governed by the same criteria indicated in the previous section.  In the event that your request is appropriate, the Privacy Officer of ORIGEN LINO S.A. DE CV will register it in our internal exclusion list.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

Any change or modification to this notice may be carried out by ORIGEN LINO SA DE C.V. at any time, as allowed by regulations, and will be made known through its portal