Our Story


The VSierra Group is founded in Guadalajara, México on 1982 when Velia Sierra, current designer and Creative Director, started a small craft activity at a local level. Today, after 36 years, the Velia Sierra Design group is a leader in the linen products sector. The group distributes its products in different markets inside and outside Mexico.


Velia Sierra Design is an integrated company that controls the entire production cycle directly, creating its own textures, intervening in its sewing, washing and artisanal fraying processes, thus managing to design unique and exclusive garments with natural fibers and unconventional materials. In addition, we put our products to many tests of shrinkage and wear, a rigorous system for each of the designs, having achieved the recognition of our clients. This continuous search for superior quality is what allows us to offer exceptional quality in our products.


All Velia Sierra Design products are characterized by an authentic "Made in Mexico" distinction. Each collection celebrates Mexican craftsmanship through sophisticated designs, which are capable of satisfying the most diverse demands in terms of culture and lifestyle. With "oversized" silhouettes, elegant basics and timeless style, Velia Sierra Design spreads the best of Mexican talent in the fashion world.


The high aesthetic profile and the feeling of comfort produced by each Velia Sierra Design garment is the result of research that begun 36 years ago and continues today in the Group. The ideas of Velia Sierra and a creative staff, experts in design, textiles, processes, dyeing, imports and exports, come to life here every day. A long and demanding journey is made day by day to always offer the best quality and design possible.

We always dedicate our passion and work to you, our client. We dedicate our efforts to your comfort and elegance with high quality products and design.

Velia Sierra
Creative Director